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free policies and procedures

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to serve you in this way. I will be growing this page to include Human Resources Policies, Procedures, Best Business Practices and more. All the FREE downloadable documents are in .pdf format. I will be releasing a very cost effective .doc format downloadable, product, that you will be able to customize with your own company logo, font, branding, and relevant details. May this serve you well. There are many smaller businesses who do not have the access to Human Resources departments, and as a previous HR executive and director, I am more than qualified and experienced to help you with this. My background is South African labor law, but I am keeping all documents globally relevant, so remember to always consult with a legal professional in your country, if you are facing litigation issues.

The Code of Conduct provides a clear set of rules that the Company expects all employees to adhere to. However, many Company’s fall short of providing employees with a Code of Conduct. Over my two+ decades in Human Resources, I have come across many common rules that employees transgress on. This is a FREE downloadable .pdf file that highlights the most important and common rules, and shows the consequences of transgressions of each. Feel free to use this, add or delete any rules that are/are not applicable to your business. At the very least, it is a great place to start. I have chaired many disciplinary meetings (hearings), and the first three things I always had to consider are:

  1. Is their a rule?
  2. Could the employee reasonably have been aware of the rule?
  3. Did the employee break the rule?

This is the foundation for any disciplinary chairperson to take into account. If you have an easily accessible code of conduct in place, then you can prove that the above three are all answered in the affirmative. This will go a long way in helping your case, and you will also be providing your employees with a set of rules that they can have ease of access to.

Policies must be clear, easy to read, and provide the right level of information to all individuals affected by the content. If users understand a policy, they are more likely to follow it and incorporate it into their daily work. There must be no room for ambiguity.

The purpose of the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure is to define acceptable operational and behavioral parameters and outline the Company Rules, as much as it is important employees are aware of the consequences of breaking these Rules.

The purpose of the Grievance Policy and Procedure Guideline is to be put in place a fair and equitable Grievance Policy and Procedure that addresses all grievances within the Company, without fear of retribution or victimization in any form.

The purpose of the Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy is to highlight the seriousness of Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the workplace, define what they are, procedures to be followed, and outlines the consequences of such behavior.

The purpose of the Recruitment Policy is to put in place a fair and equitable recruitment policy and procedure which ensures the recruitment process is transparent and available to all employees, without prejudice, bias or discrimination of any kind.

The purpose of the Termination Policy is to ensure fair practice is followed when terminating the services of an employee. This policy must be read in conjunction with the Disciplinary, Grievance and Sexual Harassment Policies.

The purpose of the Nepotism Policy is to ensure equity and fairness in internal and external recruitment so as to ensure compliance with equity policies, procedures, codes of good practice and labor legislation. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the company’s Recruitment Policy and your own country’s labor legislation.

The purpose of the Gift and Gratuity Policy is to place the day by day integrity of all business relationships between the Company and its vendors above suspicion or question; to remove possible feelings of obligation owed to potential or actual vendors of goods or services, clients and others with whom the company’s employees does business. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the correct use of the Company’s information technology resources and services by all its employees. All computer users are responsible to use computer resources in an efficient, effective, ethical and lawful manner. Technology is a rapid growth industry, so you need to ensure continued assessment of this policy. 

The purpose of the Environmental Health and Safety Policy is to set out Rules for any person who enters a Company’s premises, or is involved in a minor injury, near miss or serious injury at the Company.

The purpose of the Firearm and Dangerous Weapons Policy is to ensure that no person enters any of the Company’s premises with firearms and/or dangerous weapons (e.g. knives, maces etcetera).

The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity on the Company’s views and commitments with regards to HIV/AIDS and the comprehensive management of HIV positive employees and employees living with AIDS.

The purpose of the Employee Assistance Policy is to put in place an employee assistance program for dealing with personal sensitive issues, such as various forms of addiction.

The purpose of the Dress Code Policy is to ensure that the image of the Company is upheld, and that employees comply with the dress code rules of the company.

Sexual Harassment is taken very seriously in the workplace, and as such, this is a standalone Sexual Harassment policy and guideline. This is a detailed policy.