FREE Documentation

free documentation

There is a very important reason as to my decision to create free codes of good practice, free policies and procedures, and free HR forms. There are many businesses that do not have the expertise to create these internally, and so I made a decision to create these for anyone who would like free downloads to help them in their businesses. Even if you are a large organization, you will definitely benefit from some of the codes of good practices, policies and procedures. There really is no catch. I believe in a world where all employees are treated equitably, fairly, free of all forms of discrimination, and where transparency and trust becomes the cornerstone of all great businesses.

When it comes to prime real estate, it is all about location, location, location, but when it comes to building your best business, it is all about know the rules. These policies and procedures will help ensure that employees are aware of company policies, procedures, guidelines and the consequences of not complying with the code of conduct, and they should be easily accessible to all employees.

Whilst codes of good practice are not mandatory, i.e. they are not legal requirements, they have been compiled by great litigators in South Africa, who want to help businesses apply sound, fair and equitable business practices. They have been expertly written and have helped businesses apply best practices throughout their organizations, and they help both the employer and the employee.

It might be strange to hear, but having access to free forms like these, will help you by saving you time, money, possible risk exposure, and will provide you a professional internal branding for your forms. These forms are here to help you, especially if you do not have your own HR department. And if you do have your own HR department, they can also benefit from access to these forms.