The Transparency Commission™

the transparency commission™

The Transparency Commission™ is a declaration that brings transparency and trust into the workplace. It should be signed by all employees, and normally upon commencement of employment.

The Transparency Commission™ is a NO EXCEPTIONS declaration, meaning that no matter what circumstances dictate, it must be adhered to at all times. There is normally a clause which covers this in the employment contract, but having this declaration of intent to sign between the employer and employee, helps to signal a firm intent of acceptance, understanding and the agreement to comply. It can also be added as an addendum to the Contract of Employment.

The Transparency Commission™ is a signed declaration agreement between two parties, the Employer and the Employee with the intent to highlight the roles and responsibilities given to both; it is to create best interest consideration and application between both parties, and to ensure that fair practice is consistently and equitably applied to all Employees within the employ of the Company.

The downloadable .pdf agreement is available by clicking on the FREE DOWNLOAD HERE button to the right of this text. If you would like to purchase it in word format, you can do so shortly, via my online training platform, along with other company policies and procedures, guidelines and forms. This will allow you to add your own company information on all the documents, and personalize in your Company’s branding. If any content is changed, the author is not liable for changes that might be incorrect.

The best defense in labor disputes, is your ability to prove that:

  1. There was a rule;
  2. The employee broke said rule;
  3. The employee was aware of, or reasonably could have been aware of, said rule.

By using this declaration, you will be helping your business mitigate unnecessary time-consuming and costly litigation, as everyone will be made fully aware of their respective roles and responsibilities when it comes to transparency in the workplace.

By ensuring you have all the necessary practices, policies and procedures in place, you will be helping yourself and your Employees know what the rules are, and this in turn ensures fair and consistent practices are followed by your Company.

Consistency, standardization and professional documentation helps create an internal brand for the Company, and helps you with ensuring fairness across all processes. All documentations are in .pdf format, and you can download and use freely. I will continue to add to this page so as to help you build your best business.

Transparency and Trust – the foundation and cornerstone of all businesses globally. People who operate in the shadows will find this particularly difficult to deal with, but it is those very businesses that need to foster change and bring about change from corruption and deceit, to transparency and trust for all.

If we could all embrace the golden rule, what a wonderful world this would be. Regardless of any differences between you and anyone else, you have the same choice everyday – to treat others as you would like to be treated. No exceptions. No excuses. Compassion and empathy for others goes a long way in bringing about positive change.