the power of loving you

The Power of Love

  • WHO – this is for everyone who wants to let go and release fear, blocks, hurts, and past failures that are holding you back from being you
  • WHAT – an online masterclass or live/virtual masterclass workshop
  • WHEN – whenever you choose from September 2021
  • WHERE – anywhere you have reliable internet connectivity
  • HOW – from September 2021 you can either enroll into the online masterclass or you can attend a live/virtual masterclass workshop
  • WHY – this masterclass is about deep inner healing and shifts to bring about happiness, peace and joy in your life; it is about breaking free from the control of others and to start living life your way

The foundation of life and mySelf is LOVE. I never thought for a second that I did not love myself. As far as I was concerned, my love for myself was unparalleled. That was, until I started seeing just how I self-sabotaged myself, judged myself, criticized myself …. and on and on the list went. I was stuck in my own story, in a loop that kept coming back to the way I once was. That is when I realized I was living to please others. While I believe in doing no harm to another, what about the harm I was doing to myself? The lack of self-respect, the judgments, the constant ‘trying’ on my part, and the procrastination and endless delays I tried, to justify to keep me from change. I gave into fear and time and time again. At some point something had to give, and I was tired of giving when my own cup was empty. Something needed to change, and that something was me. I needed to change. Deeply. I knew that my life would change, and I was okay with that. As hard as it was, I knew that true forgiveness (a form of love) had to be a part of the process. I could not have done this if I was not ready for change. I needed to find myself in a place where all that I could think of was – if I do not change now, then when? I hope this masterclass will help you find your way to loving yourself – no matter what. 

phase 1
phase 2
phase 3
all about you
  • everything is energy (e=mc2)
  • the power of your emotions
  • what are your values and beliefs
  • finding your north star

Who are you? Are you your physical body, or are you your consciousness? Are you your thoughts, emotions, or all of the above? Much has been written about this. Philosophy, religion, spirituality, seekers of every kind – millions of people have tried to find the answer. They have traversed the highest mountains, and looked in the deepest oceans. Yet the mystery still remains the Great Mystery. Whatever you believe, if you are reading this, you have a consciousness that allows you to see the words on the screen, and then interpret them through the lens of your personal bias, perception, and your understanding of the meaning of life. This module will explore the science behind your mind, emotions and energy of who you are. Then you will be able to make your own informed decision of the truth that resonates with you. This is ultimate freedom – the freedom to choose to be you no matter what others say or think.

all about change
  • self-worthiness
  • healing relationships
  • the power of your mind
  • changing energy states

Change is difficult for many, yet it is a guaranteed constant. Without change there would be no progress. Far too many people are comfortable in their uncomfortableness. Strange, is it not? The chemicals released in the stress hormones are addictive, and many people are addicted to living in survival mode. It takes a determined will, motivation, and a little willingness to start the process of change that will allow you to begin this part of your own personal evolution. Hold on to the past – you live in the past. Dream of the future – you live in your dreams. But live in the moment, this moment, and you enter the quantum field of endless possibilities. Learn to be you in all situations. Learn to forgive yourself and others, release the past and the anticipated outcome of your future, and live in the present moment of the now. Learn how to shift your own energy states, so that you can flow with ease moment to moment.

all about creation
  • nature’s patterns
  • wonder-filled meanderings
  • your blueprint to a happy life
  • co-creating your life your way

There is much to be learnt from nature. There are 4 seasons in a calendar year. There are different seasons in our lives. A time to be born, a time to die. There is always sunshine after rain, and there is a calm after tumultuous times. You might have heard the expression ‘co-creation‘ or ‘co-creators‘, but what does this mean? It means that there is an intelligence that conspires with you to create your life. We will explore what this intelligence is. We will also explore the unified field of endless possibilities. It is said that you need an intentional thought coupled with an elevated emotion, to bring non-matter into the material world. But do not take my word for it. Experience it. All you need is a little willingness to see things differently, use time differently and get clear on what it is you want to create in your life. If there are endless possibilities in the quantum field, and there are, what would you choose?