Reprogram Your Mind

The priming of one’s mind is the act of taking the time to adjust your thoughts and emotions so that you can live your life in your peak state. Reprogramming your mind is no different. You need to invest the time and energy into becoming conscious of your sub- and unconscious thoughts. What do you do on autopilot? What is hardwired into your circuitry that now has to be uninstalled and a new program installed in its place?

Many years ago I heard the expression – neurons that fire together, wire together. I was intrigued about what this meant in terms of breaking old habits, creating new ones and how to change my life through the changing of my mind. Thus began my journey into neuroscience and the function of the brain. 

I came upon Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work a few years back, and bought his book, Becoming Supernatural. But I wanted more. I wanted to saturate myself with the research and knowledge he was sharing, so I bought two of his previous books: You Are the Placebo, and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. Dr. Joe’s work is easy to understand, practical and powerful. I recently did one of his programs, and I can truthfully say that the 12 hours it took to complete this program was like therapy on steroids. Nothing I have studied thus far has come close to what I learnt in these 12 hours.

I am fascinated by neuroscience, neuroplasticity, heart-brain coherence, how the brain functions, how chemicals are created in our bodies, and so much more.

One thing I have learnt – you can never stop learning. There is always new scientific research to read, new techniques to try out, and once you truly learn the truth that when you master your mind, and live from the space of endless possibilities in the quantum field, then you will realize that absolutely anything is possible for you to create.