1. Passion, Purpose & Excellence
  2. Vision, Goals & Objectives
  3. Your Blueprint for Success
  4. Your Values and Beliefs
  5. Your Inner Compass
  6. Ethical Leadership
  7. Sarbanes Oxley Act
  8. Making Difficult Decisions
  9. Crisis Management 
  10. Conflict Management
  11. Team Cohesion
  12. Work-Life Balance
  1. Pulling back the Curtains
  2. Release Blocks from your Past
  3. Release Chains of your Present
  4. Find your Due North
  5. Self-limiting Beliefs
  6. Forgiveness – Part I
  7. Forgiveness – Part II
  8. Principles of Psychotherapy
  9. Resilience & Self-Confidence
  10. Manage Success & Failure
  11. Reclaim your Power
  12. Live Fearlessly
  1. Energy – All That Is
  2. Who are You
  3. Authenticity
  4. Change your Thinking
  5. Healing the Hurt
  6. Grounding Tools
  7. Soulful Integrations
  8. Soulful Creations
  9. Nature’s Patterns
  10. Wonder-filled Meanderings
  11. Conscious Living
  12. Your Life

I never saw the importance or benefit of having a coach – whether in my personal or professional life. That is, until I had one – and I saw just how amazing it is to have someone who holds you accountable for your life. Someone who is an outstanding sounding board and illuminator of light in the dark places and blind spots that you are oblivious too. 

Years of doubt, worry and fear just peeled away.

For the first time, I felt empowered to stand in the truth of who I am.

I was able to stand in my own strength.

When finances were low, I would save up to have a session with my coach as frequently as possible. Sometimes this was once every two months, but I kept on at it.

Sometimes you just need that someone to hold that space for you, where you can embrace who you are and allow yourself to shed the old skin of fear and distrust.

You don’t have to go through difficult situations alone. There are others who are more than capable of helping you move forward in love, trust and truth.

Don’t hold back.

Invest in yourself – it is the best gift you can give yourself.