Phase 2 – Change

love yourself - no matter what masterclass

phase 2 - change

all about change
  • authenticity
  • forgive, release, move on
  • grounding tools and techniques
  • energy shifts

Change is difficult for many, yet it is a guaranteed constant. Without change there would be no progress. Far too many people are comfortable in their uncomfortableness. Strange, is it not? The chemicals released in the stress hormones are addictive, and many people are addicted to living in survival mode. It takes a determined will, motivation, and a little willingness to start the process of change that will allow you to begin this part of your own personal evolution. Hold on to the past – you live in the past. Dream of the future – you live in your dreams. But live in the moment, this moment, and you enter the quantum field of endless possibilities. Learn to be you in all situations. Learn to forgive yourself and others, release the past and the anticipated outcome of your future, and live in the present moment of the now. Learn how to shift your own energy states, so that you can flow with ease moment to moment.