Phase 1 – You

love yourself - no matter what masterclass

phase 1 - you

all about you
  • energy – all that is
  • who are you actually
  • you and the power of your mind
  • you and your emotions

Who are you? Are you your physical body, or are you your consciousness? Are you your thoughts, emotions, or all of the above? Much has been written about this. Philosophy, religion, spirituality, seekers of every kind – millions of people have tried to find the answer. They have traversed the highest mountains, and looked in the deepest oceans. Yet the mystery still remains the Great Mystery. Whatever you believe, if you are reading this, you have a consciousness that allows you to see the words on the screen, and then interpret them through the lens of your personal bias, perception, and your understanding of the meaning of life. This module will explore the science behind your mind, emotions and energy of who you are. Then you will be able to make your own informed decision of the truth that resonates with you. This is ultimate freedom – the freedom to choose to be you no matter what others say or think.