Mindful Wellbeing Masterclass

mindful : (adjective)

  1. conscious or aware of something
  2. focusing one’s awareness on the present moment

This masterclass is NOT to be confused with any therapeutic or meditative practice. Although mindfulness does include both of these practices, this is not what this masterclass will be focusing on. 

This masterclass IS about reprogramming pre-conditioned thinking and behaviors, and stepping out of wishful thinking, or fear-based thinking, about the future.

Most people are either living in the past, and repeating the same old cycles over and over again, or they are dreaming of the future without actually implementing any real strategy to get them to where they want to go. 

This masterclass is about helping you get unstuck from pre-conditioned ways of living, and creating (and stepping into) a future that is not dictated by what has been.

After many years of being on a path of self- and professional development, I have found that some things change in an instant, whilst others take time. 

I have experienced that the more I get out of my own way by stepping out of my headspace, I find that I can enter more easily into the infinite realm of possibilities.

You can only change your life when you are prepared to loosen your grip of control (which is brought on by fear), and when you are open to endless possibilities, allowing yourself the freedom to create yourself, your way. You are not bound to your past, nor are you held to your idea of your future. You can transcend these whenever you choose.

Module 1

If you are not going to master your mind, your mind is going to master you. 100% of the time.

Mastering your mind takes time. It takes practice.

This module is practical, experiential and above all, rewarding if you stick with the program. It is designed to help you become aware of how much you control your mind and how much your mind controls you.

You will learn new skill sets that will help you master your mind, and in so doing, start creating the life you want to live.

Module 2

Many years ago I heard the expression – neurons that fire together, wire together. I was intrigued about what this meant in terms of breaking old habits, creating new ones and how to change my life through the changing of my mind. I researched the functioning of the brain, and came across different streams of science. I am fascinated by neuroscience, neuroplasticity, heart-brain coherence, how the brain functions, how chemicals are created in our bodies, and so much more.

Understanding the anatomy of the brain gives such clear insights as to how we can effect change where change is needed. Without this knowledge, it is like walking in a dark tunnel without a flashlight to guide you.

Module 3

The priming of one’s mind is the act of taking the time to adjust your thoughts and emotions so that you can live your life in your peak state.

You need to invest the time and energy into becoming conscious of your sub- and unconscious thoughts.

Your emotions are such a large part of your daily experience, and they can be either debilitating or exhilarating. The wonderful thing is that you can choose which state you want to be in.

Once you understand the anatomy of your emotions, you will be in a better position to control them, master them and live in a whole new way!