Loving Yourself Masterclass

This masterclass takes you on a path of self-discovery, healing, growth and creation.

Have you suppressed your emotions just so that you do not have to feel them? Do you shy away from uncomfortable feelings and keep only the ones that make you feel good, when in truth, it is oftentimes the uncomfortable feelings that brings about insights into your thinking patterns, your emotions, feelings, and your actions? Basically, are you living in the same way you did yesterday, on a cycle of pre-conditioning, rinse and repeat.

By avoiding uncomfortable emotions, you do yourself a disservice in that you do not allow yourself to deal with the triggers that are causing you unnecessary pain and suffering.

Is is through honest and truthful introspection, that you are truly able to face the things in your life that need releasing, change and healing. This is not weakness. This is strength.

Strong people are able to face their inner turmoil, take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions, thereby making changes that they need so that they can live the life they have always wanted to live, but have just not known how to get there.

You are called to be gentle, kind and compassionate with yourself. When it all boils down to it, 9 out of 10 times we are our own worst critic. For many it is easier to give than to receive; it is easier to forgive someone else than to forgive yourself. It is time to pause. To take the time to reflect on just how amazing and unlimited you really are, and to notice all the love and support around you, that you previously could not see.

In this masterclass, you will be guided through 12 powerful steps to help you fall in love with yourself – just as you are, for who you are. Everyone, NO EXCEPTIONS, is entitled to self-love!

You’ve got this!

Over three decades ago I sat on a beach, looking at Table Mountain that towered above me.

Children’s laughter and seagulls’ cries could be heard above the humdrum busyness of everyday life.

I found myself asking the intelligence that I know is in all things, how could I help people heal, love and grow. The answer seemed to float in on the whisper of a breeze – guide people in 12 easy steps how to love themselves.

This is a masterclass of unconditional love, forgiveness, healing and growth.

It is a masterclass of finding your own truth within, letting go of the pain and suffering that does not serve you, and trusting the flow of life.

 It is a masterclass where you are given a blank canvas to create a life that you love to live – where you truly learn to be the master of your own life.

Module 1

  • energy – all that is
  • who are you
  • authenticity
  • change your thinking

You are amazing, more powerful than you realize.

In this module, we focus on the essence of you, who you are, how to release the barnacles of your soul, and how to recognize those thoughts which are disempowering, untruths, and the ones that steer you off the course of your life’s successful trajectory.

Module 2

  • releasing the hurt
  • grounding tools
  • soulful integrations
  • inspired creations
There is only one constant in life – change. I am sure you have heard this countless times before, yet how strange it is that so many people run from change. They want the status quo to stay as is.

They could never be wrong. Why should they change?

Well, if you want to change your inner and outer worlds, change is a prerequisite. It can be scary to start with, messy in the middle, and glorious at the end.

Module 3

  • nature’s patterns
  • wonder-filled meanderings
  • conscious living
  • your life – your way

I thought I was creating change through my positive affirmations and vision boards, but all I was doing was trying to change myself from the outside-in. Truth is that you can only create from the inside-out.

And who are we co-creating with? We are co-creating with the intelligence that pervades all things. A loving intelligence that always has been, always will be, and always is. This intelligence is called by many names. Choose one. It makes no difference. It is just a label.