12-Week Deep Dive

Welcome to the 12-Week Deep Dive Program. This program has been designed to take you deep into your conscious, subconscious and unconscious states of mind so that we can delete, re-program or create new patterns that serve you best.

To do this, you have to let go of holding on to the reigns of your life so tightly.

You need to switch off from autopilot functionality and start to slow down your breathing and become aware of the present moment – your surroundings, the sights and sounds, the feel of the gentle breeze against your skin, and the feel of the sun’s warm rays on your bare arms.

We literally will be pulling back the curtains of your life and we will start wandering through the corridors of your mind.


You will be able to:

  • pull back the curtains
  • identify blocks from the past and present
  • find your own due north
  • re-evaluate your beliefs
  • let go of all resistance and grievances that keep you stuck
  • build resilience and self-confidence
  • manage both your successes and failures without losing your balance
  • reclaim your power
  • live fearlessly


This 12-Week Program includes:
  • 1 x 1-Hour FREE Discovery Call
  • 9 x 1-Hour individual coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom (3 / month)
  • 1 x 2-Hours deep dive session


What is expected of you:

  • to take accountability for your attendance
  • to be punctual
  • to give 48 hours’ notice if you cannot make a session
  • to do all assignments given within the prescribed time
  • to be honest and open
  • to have fun and approach all sessions with a sense of curiosity
  • to become aware of your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits
  • to become aware of your thoughts and resistance to change
  • to dedicate these 12-weeks to your own accelerated growth
  • to be prepared for external changes only once the internal work is completed
  • to find a blueprint of success that works for you
  • to always operate from a place of dignity, respect, equality, integrity and authenticity