Business Cardiology™

Business Cardiology™ deals with both employee and organizational wellbeing. 

Employee wellbeing is a key issue that companies are striving to address to ensure that their employees remain happy and motivated at work. After all, a happy workforce is said to be a productive workforce.

Wellbeing programs are good at helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a wellbeing program in the workplace.

Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, and lower health risks lead to less chronic disease. With less chronic disease employees have fewer sick days, are motivated to be at work, and they actually want to add to the bottomline.

Business wellbeing, from an organizational management angle, is a major factor in quality, performance, productivity and therefore business effectiveness and profit. When employee wellbeing is done right, business success follows. Business success is not just measured against ROI, but it takes the following into account:

  • triple bottom line – triple P’s (people, planet, profits) – the financial, social and environmental impact of a business
  • effective communication channels
  • leading through inspiration and not fear
The health of a business is entirely dependent on the wellbeing of its employees, the success of its processes, policies and procedures and the way it operates transparently.