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Your 12-Week VIP Intensive

Your 3-Hour VIP Intensive

This 12-week intensive coaching program works on releasing blocks that are holding you back from moving forward. It is not for the faint-hearted and is only for those people who are serious about making a change in their business or career and who want professional guidance on how to stop self-sabotaging your own success.

This 3-hour intensive coaching program focuses on what is keeping you stuck, how to move from under-performing to mediocrity to excellence to elite and how to navigate in uncharted waters. You will leave with a deep sense of purpose, clarity and a clear actionable blueprint as to the best way forward. Give yourself the gift of growth – you deserve it!

It amazes me still that there are so many great leadership coaches out there that have never worked a single day in corporate in a leadership role.

Coaching has become a dime-a-dozen industry. But the question to be asked is this? Does the coach leave you feeling co-dependent at the end of each session, or does the coach leave you in the knowledge that you are now more than capable to tackle whatever obstacles you find in your path? This is key critical.

As a previous HR Director and Senior HR Executive (for more than 2 decades in the HR industry), I have found some strategies that work and others that are totally ineffective.

And the most powerful lesson I have learnt as a leader is that you have to know how to lead with both your head and your heart.