The Golden Rule

There are so many shoulds that people say you should or should not do. While some are wise words of wisdom, there is one that stands out. It breaks through all the barriers of discrimination, and if applied, who knows what a massive impact this will have on the world.

What is the Golden Rule?

The Golden Rule is a moral which says treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Why is it called the Golden Rule?

It is called the golden rule because there is value in having this kind of respect and caring attitude for one another. It encourages tolerance for all diverse differences, from cultural to religious differences, to differences of beliefs and opinions. So, no matter where you stand on the spectrum in life – remember this – everyone has a life story to tellGo ahead and treat others the way you would like to be treatedWithout exception.

It is the human condition to feel that vindication, revenge and getting ‘even’ will make you feel better, and you will even go so far as to convince yourself and others that this is both righteous and justified. It never is. This is short lived, and within itself, is one of the greatest lies you can buy into.

It might make you feel temporarily powerful, righteous and relieved, but trust me, this is so short lived, and when you consider the energy you are putting out there, you will gain nothing but more situations where you will feel that you need to once again resort to vindication, revenge and getting ‘even’ with others. A cycle of no return until you break it with the #1 Golden Rule.

Think about this, the last time you made an error in judgment and could easily have been at the receiving end of someone’s retaliation, how much better was it when the person forgave you and released you from any form of vengeful act. So before you react – stop, take a breath, pause, reconsider the alternatives, and choose instead to forgive and release those who are yet unable to treat you the way they want to be treated. Without exception. Live and embrace the #1 Golden Rule.