The Truth Within

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What amazes me, and I don’t take this lightly, what truly amazes me, is that for millennia people have been killed in the name of religion. People have savagely destroyed communities in the name of ‘our way or the highway’. Religion has, and continues to, govern masses of people through guilt, fear and shame. I have committed my life to doing the work that I do because I believe that every person on this planet […]

Everything is Energy

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What if I told you that EVERYTHING – absolutely EVERYTHING – has brought you to a place where things can only get better from here? What if I told you that the heartache and pain that you are currently going through (and please, don’t stop – keep on going through it, because only then can you get to the other side), has all been a pathway of hell to lead you straight to the doors of […]

Declutter Queen

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A few years back, I used to live in a really big house (many bedrooms, bathrooms, swimming pool and so on and so on). Then one event led to another, and I progressively decided to downscale each step of the way. And it hurt! It was NOT easy, but it was a very conscious choice on my part. I decided to stand by the one tattoo (is that taboo?) – which is an armband of […]

Exhale the Bullshit

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Make no mistake. I am where I am today because of each and every single thought I have ever thought. And you can trust me on this. I have thought plenty of thoughts. Some constructive; some destructive. Some have torn me down and others have built me up. Why does it always seem so much easier to be hard on oneself than loving? Either way – no-one got me to where I am today but […]

Universe’s Language

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Have you ever stopped to wonder how the universe knows what you are projecting out there? You speak in English. He speaks in Russian. She speaks in Finnish and they are mute. So how does the universe know exactly what it is you are saying, thinking and feeling? Simply put, the universe picks up the intent, the vibration, the frequency of what you are thinking, saying, feeling. Your emotions are the language of the universe. […]

Hello, this is God

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There is no greater Truth than this – God meets you exactly where you are at. You do not need to change in any way whatsoever. You are truly perfect just as you are, just where you are – anytime and in any place. To get a real understanding of this truth one first has to look at who is this ‘God’ so many people speak of. This ‘God’ so many people worship, adore, seek, cry for, […]