About Me

I must have written this About Me section so many times. It is easy to say who or what the labels say I am, where I live, what my credentials, qualifications and passions are, but to share the soul of me is something quite different. So let’s get the formalities out the way. My favorite dish is pasta pesto, pizza and sushi. My favorite drink is a warm cappuccino on a cold winter’s day, or a freshly made fruit juice on a warm day.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and I have one daughter who is married and lives in the USA. I have many credentials, qualifications and experience, and spent my career in Human Resources. I qualified in HR Management and certified as an NLP and Energy Re-Sourcing Practitioner™, as well as becoming a Reiki Master.

Having been an HR Director and Senior Executive, my portfolio extended far and wide. I have experience in Labor Law, Training & Development, Strategic Management and Budgeting, Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Health, the Employment Relationship, Coaching and Mentoring. I got my Honorary Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics, and got ordained as a Reverend of the Universal Life Church (which basically means I can marry people in some States in the USA).

If you have a dream – pursue it; if you have a vision – get razor-focused and follow it; if you have a purpose – live it. Don’t shrink back; be YOU in all that you do. – Jennifer L. Breakey

You could label me in many ways – a personal coach and mentor, a visionary and intuitive leader, an emotional healer and an author and speaker.

How did I get my employees to operate optimally, with enthusiasm, creativity, fun and total engagement? I helped them become the best that they could be. I helped people remove the blocks that stood in the way of their success (sometimes I am even an engineerbridge building is something I do too), and I allowed them to cultivate and grow in their own zones of genius. Sometimes employees have a huge wake-up call and realize that they do NOT love what they do, and so they find out what they are really passionate about. I must have changed my direction at least a dozen times in my own business. But this has all been a part of the process of finding out what it is I truly should be doing. Life is fluid, nothing is cast in stone, keep on trying to figure out what it is you want to do – and then keep going until you find that one thing that makes you feel expansive; that makes you feel like you have come home – it should not be stressful or keep you up at night. It should be a part of your heart’s desire. You will know it when you find it.

As a previous HR Director and Executive, I have seen a myriad of different blocks that keep people from moving forward. I managed a large team, which I grew from ground level up. I have also set up, coached, mentored and trained HR departments, managers and leaders with great success. I am fortunate enough to have worked with and for global businesses, and I am acutely aware of cultural diversity and the need for a global-mindset. My passion has always been, and always will be, how can I best serve others by bringing out the best in them. This is my guiding light, my purpose, my passion.

Over the years, I have seen many people stand in their own way of a happy and successful life. They self-sabotage their success by the way they self-talk. They go down one rabbit hole after another. They are unable to set reasonable expectations for themselves, because they feel they don’t deserve success. They have self-doubt, fear, self-criticism, and they believe all sorts of untruths about who they are.

If you want something strongly enough, you will find a way to get there – even if it means changing the way you think and feel about things. You need to unravel all that you are not, so that the clouded misperception of who you think you are can dissipate, and you can begin to realize who you really are.

My passion is to help others achieve the success in their lives that they desire by identifying the blocks in their life, and peeling back the layers. Success is subjective and incredibly personal. It is not an external reality, but an internal one. Once you have figured out the landscape of your internal success roadmap, your external success will manifest to match your internal reality. Never give up on your dreams. They are just a thought away.

One of the greatest achievements in my life is single-handedly raising my gorgeous daughter. When she was 3-months old, I made the decision to leave the UK and come back to South Africa to raise my daughter on my own. She was an incredibly easy child to raise and we have a very close relationship. Parenting, much like any role that involves unconditional love, wisdom, foresight and a certain amount of winging it, came easily to me.

I was paid the greatest compliment a mother could hear. Just the other day my daughter told me that she will raise her kids one day the way I raised her. What a wonderful thing to hear. All we can ever hope for as a parent is that our children are healthy, given a great chance in life and that the road they choose is paved with love, happiness, peace, joy and not too much turbulence.

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of giving them the space to be themselves and to let them live their own truth. They are not you and you are not them. It is this acceptance that allows us all to uniquely live our own truth without fear and trepidation. Give your kids their own space and let them know every day just how much you love them. Life is fleeting. Enjoy each and every moment.

Tomorrow is guaranteed to no-one so remember to tell your loved-ones every day that you love them.