Transparency & Trust

Transparency is seldom spoken of in darkened corridors and unlit corners.

Fear obliterates any form of ability that would allow you to be 100% transparent in all your dealings. After all, who knows yourself better than you do. You know your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your smile paints a pretty picture; but your core screams something else.

At the very core of your being lies the essence of who you are. That is your truth. Your center point. Your central point of gravity that keeps you grounded. You have a choice. To keep yourself hidden from the rest of the world, or to strip away the layers that hide you so well. The problem with building walls is that it makes it impossible for others to come in or you to go out.

We came into this world innocent, and along the way, life happened. We learnt behaviors, patterns, ways of perception, truths and lies, yet we seldom question why we believe what we believe.

Wouldn’t your life be better when you truly realize that defense is in fact a form of attack? When you have no need to defend yourself or anything, then will you find the total freedom you have always been looking for.

Trust. Easy to break. Challenging to earn.

Of one thing I am certain – trust is not easily earned. And why is that? Because people have all too often felt the sting of betrayal, dishonesty, deceit, hurt and lies.

A child is born into this world and is 100% reliant on his/her caregiver. There is a bond that is beyond words. The child does not say – I trust you. The child just is. The child cries when it is hungry, tired, or out of sorts for other reasons. It is the caregiver’s role to see to the child’s needs. But this does not always happen.

At some point in the child’s life, it realizes that it needs to protect itself from pain and emotions that it does not like to feel. It locks its heart away, waiting for the one who has the key to open the cage one day. Then will it give his/her its all. No holding back. And then the unthinkable happens. It feels again. Wonderful feelings. Painful feelings. And it once again protects its heart.

What a cycle of pain.

But what if I told you that there is a way to break this cycle? What if I told you that you are loved beyond measure? Truly loved and cherished.

What if I told you that you need never lock yourself or your heart away, but that you can – for all the days of your life – live in a space of continual love, peace, happiness and joy? Yes, that is what I am telling you. You can. And I will show you how.

But, hey. Don’t trust me. Trust yourself. This is experiential, your life, your feelings, your emotions. Trust me when you know it for yourself and not because I, or anyone else, said so.

I love you.