Chaos to Purpose

Universe’s Language

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the universe knows what you are projecting out there? You speak in English. He speaks in Russian. She speaks in Finnish and they are mute. So how does the universe know exactly what it is you are saying, thinking and feeling?

Simply put, the universe picks up the intent, the vibration, the frequency of what you are thinking, saying, feeling. Your emotions are the language of the universe. No exception.

It matters not what you think or believe in. Gravity still exists. The laws of nature still apply. You are here on planet earth sending out all these signals and the universe simply responds to absolutely EVERYTHING you put out there.

Have you heard of Caroline Myss, PH.D.? She is a medical intuitive. I am busy reading her book – Anatomy of the Spirit. It takes me back to 2003 when I studied NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and when I studied to become a Reiki Master (this included the study of our chakras). 

I realized many years ago that I can see people’s energy fields. I am incredibly sensitive to this phenomena. Your words can say one thing to me, but underneath your words, I tune into the currents of your emotions. E-motions = energy in motion. So what does all of this mean? It really is quite simple – it means be careful of what you feel – the universe is responding, without rest.

No more plastering a smile on your face when your heart is crying. No more saying I am fine with your mouth, hoping that the power of positive thinking will take away from the fact that you are NOT feeling fine. In fact you feel darn right crap! 

I know this is going to sound weird, but bear with me for a second. Embrace your feelings. Embrace your emotional state. Sit with yourself without judgment. Know that whatever it is you are feeling, no longer needs to control your life. Know that you can change the way you feel by simply changing the thoughts you think.

Life here on earth is short – infinitesimally short. Don’t wait for circumstances to change tomorrow. Change the way you view them today.

I don’t care what you believe in. I only care how you are responding to life and how life is responding to you. I care about your wellbeing. I care about your heart state and I care deeply about the state of your mind.

Let me in. Let me help you overcome all the fear you are facing. Regardless of what you believe, I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in all of us.

I believe in Love. I believe in the hereinafter. I believe in so much. But I do not care if we are different in our beliefs. I just care if we are the same in our love. If we have compassion and if above all else, we truly love ourselves with all we have.

There is a power greater than us all combined. A power so magnificent. A power so beautiful. A power so full of love that if you could imagine this love encircling our planet, it would never cease to circle our planet. Let this love take you over. Let this love take a hold of your life. Let this love in. Let me in. Let life begin.

I love you. Always and ever.

I love you.