Chaos to Purpose

Stop the Confusion

Seriously – STOP! confusing the Universe. Now, before I begin to help you out of a real spiritual, emotional and mental dilemma, I find it pertinent to explain what Google has to say about what (or who) – it all depends on your perspective – the Universe actually is. As per Google – no idea who actually inputs this data (all I know is this ever-growing, ever-expanding search engine seems to have a lot to say about some stuff), is that – the Universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. While the spatial size of the entire Universe is unknown, it is possible to measure the observable universe. (Come on Google – of course what is observable can be measured – that is Physics 101….)

So, based on the definition/explanation above, whilst I concur with many a scientist – I guess Universe will suffice, over and above Multiverse. This is based on the fact that infinitum implies that ‘uni-‘ being one, is in fact incorrect – because infinitum brings us back to the original point – how many Universes are there really, because one is measurable – and we are actually talking about things that cannot be seen, thus cannot be measured. However, I digress. As if this is not enough to keep us wondering and wandering further away from what really matters, can we all at least agree on one thing:

Most times we say one thing, but deep inside we mean something else!

As if the Universe does not have enough to do, what with being ever-expanding and all that, now it has to contend with your mixed signals you keep putting out there. Come on man, let the Universe do its thing – with crystal clear clarity. Oh – what’s that you say? How can we talk to The Universe? Well, you can talk to a teacup for all I care – but the truth remains – a large proportion of the world holds some religious belief in some deity. Again, thank you Google for these stats – according to 2015 figures, Christians form the biggest religious group by some margin, with 2.3 billion adherents or 31.2% of the total world population of 7.3 billion. Next come Muslims (1.8 billion, or 24.1%), Hindus (1.1 billion, or 15.1%) and Buddhists (500 million, or 6.9%). Aug 27, 2018. Now, I am no genius – but that is a whopping 77,3% of the world’s population (in 2015) – that hold fast to some form of religion which supports the belief in a deity. Now this gets a little bit more entangled – because the proclaimed atheists and agnostics still have a belief in something, albeit in nothing. 

So – getting to the point – there are far too many names to come up with one common denominator that will appease the masses. So instead of saying God, and for the purpose of this blog post, I will call the Source of All That Is, the Creator of Absolutely Everything, the Intelligence that will make yours and mine seem so insignificant that it would appear that in reality it does not exist at all, The Universe. Happy? Sorry, like I said – I cannot appease the masses.

Anyhow, I digress again.

Just last night, I had two delightful sessions with clients – an hour each (both clients live in Spain and I am but a mere speck at the southern most tip of Africa – yeah, you guessed it – I am in South Africa – and, yes, this information is totally irrelevant to the blog – how many times must I say it – I digress again). But what happened last night was mysterious, beyond comprehension. You see, rather unusually, I spent those two hours laughing so much with my clients, that my belly ached and the tears just flowed like raindrops down my cheeks. And why did we laugh so much you might well ask? In truth, because we were laughing at the absurdity and wonders of life. Stories of our past came to light, in which, when looking back at them, seemed so bizarre and hilarious, that now we can really just look back and laugh at the chaos we created.

And now we are getting to the real meat here (apologies to all vegans and vegetarians – like I said before – I try real hard to appease the masses) – when looking back at our lives, how many times have we experienced confusion, wanting one thing but getting another? Wanting curly hair when ours is straight. Wanting to be taller because we feel too short, or wanting to be shorter because we feel too tall. We just don’t seem to be happy with our lot in life – we always want something different. And now I am beginning to wonder if this is not the real reason behind why we keep on confusing the Universe with our mixed signals. Perhaps, like nature abhors a vacuum, we abhor boredom. We always want to be in a state of wanting – because that would seem to make sense to our lives – we have something to live for. The next big thing we want. Whatever it might be.

But seriously, that is seriously messed up.

Let’s get clear on one thing – right here, right now. Perhaps we don’t know what we do or don’t want in our lives. Perhaps we would rather spend the next 5 years searching for our inner (and more often than not – outer) guru to tell us what we want. Guys and gals – seriously – what makes you happy? Don’t listen to what makes anyone else happy – decide for yourself today, what makes YOU happy? I mean, right to the very core of you. What truly puts that fire in your belly? Today! Not what would have made you happy then, or what could make you happy tomorrow. I mean, today! What puts the fire in your belly today? Sure, have a vision for tomorrow, but every little thought you think in this moment, accumulates in your Wanting Bank Account – which will manifest into your tomorrow.

So it is not only important to have a vision for your tomorrow, but to make sure that the messages (signals) you are sending out to the Universe in this moment, are in direct alignment with what you truly want. You see, whatever you put out there – the Universe just responds by saying (figuratively speaking now) – sure, you want that – here we go – have it. No impartiality, no questioning from the Universe to you saying – you sure? Did you really mean you want that?  If you are sending out anger signals to the Universe – the Universe merely responds to you by sending more situations that mirror anger back at you – and so the cycle perpetuates. Like attracts like. We truly are the magnets of our circumstances. So unnecessary really. For example, if you say, I want love – the Universe looks at the vibration and says – oh you want love – then here is a whole lot of wanting love feelings for you. However, lets get down to the nitty gritty now – how ‘should’ you phrase things so that you no longer continue this crazy confusion cycle you are on?

It is simple, truly – it is this simple:

  1. If you want love – be love
  2. If you want happiness – be happy
  3. If you want success – be success
  4. If you want peace – be peace
  5. If you want tranquility – be tranquil (be what you want – are you getting this yet?)
  6. If you want honesty – be honest
  7. If you want a different life – start sending out the signals of the life you want to live – and stop making excuses why your life is so miserable today – because all of us (no-one is excluded) have created our own reality up until this moment
  8. If you want financial prosperity – send out positive signals of gratitude for what you have today (break the chains of poverty mentality once and for all)
  9. If you want mental clarity – be grateful for the fact that you have an operable mind that you can work on to refine your mental clarity skills
  10. If you want emotional freedom – be free (forgive easily and love completely)
  11. If you want spiritual freedom –  be free in your own beliefs
  12. If you want a new home – be grateful for the one you have today
  13. If you want a new job – see yourself in the job of your dreams and truly believe you have it – that is what sending out signals to the Universe means (are you beginning to see it now)
  14. If you want a raise – be thankful for what you have today
  15. If you want to be heard – listen
  16. If you want to be understood – understand others
  17. If you want maturity – be mature
  18. If you want certainty – be certain
  19. If you want clarity – be clear
  20. If you want a hug – give one
  21. If you want a smile – give one
  22. If you want a shoulder to cry on – give your shoulder to someone else to cry on first
  23. If you want kindness – be kind
  24. If you want generosity – be generous
  25. If you want connection with others – go out and connect with others
  26. If you want a family – see yourself as a part of the greater family on planet earth – you know, send out the signal of I love being a part of a family – and let the Universe expand on that for and with you
  27.  If you want a different life – live the life you want
  28.  If you want chocolate ice cream – go out and get it (then share it with someone who also loves chocolate ice cream – because you can!)
  29. If you want to be loved deeply – love deeply
  30. If you want someone to truly understand you – just as you are (perceived faults and all) – then truly understand another – just as they are (faults and all)
  31. If you want a hero in your life – be a hero in someone else’s
  32. If you want a degree – go out and study
  33. If you want change – change

From the above, and in no particular order, you should have a very clear picture now of two very clear things:

  1. Be that which you want in your life
  2. If things are within your control (like buying chocolate ice cream or getting a degree) – go out and take action and let the Universe deal with the details. After all – did you create the Universe or not? No, I thought not.

So why not let the one Intelligence – the highest form of Love that is, has and ever will be – help you create the life of your dreams.

So, now you have 33 examples of sending out positive vibes to the Universe. Now the Universe has something tangible to work with. And did you know – no one knows exactly how old Jesus was when he died on the cross, but he was probably 33 years of age. And did you know – Jesus is my hero (as is Albert Einstein). Jesus is my inner teacher. I hold no faith in any one religion or spiritual teaching. I am fully conscious of the awareness that we are all one – we are all connected, and it is not disputed if Jesus did or did not exist. What is disputed is whether or not he performed the miracles that is claimed he did in the Christian Bible. And that does not bother me, because I know he did. And the only truly important thing to note is that we are all energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so – technically then (scientifically, if you will) – we always were, always are and always will be. And if this premise is deemed to be true, then Jesus and I are one together – connected – always (remember, science says there is no such thing as time and space – but that for a whole other blog).

There are so many rabbit holes and so little time. But now that I have a blog spot, I will take you on adventures you once only thought you were crazy enough to think, but now you will see that you are in fact, actually quite extraordinary – just like all us homosapiens on this planet – and in whatever other form we take.

Oh, and just for an ender that pleases me no end:

  1. Jesus was not white – so stop with all this white supremacy sh*t! Colour is merely the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light – like the pigmentation of skin. We are all equal – energy is energy. Love is Love.
  2. We all defecate – we just goes to show – we are all full of sh*t at some point in our day.
  3. We all urinate – but please – don’t piss on someone else’s parade.
  4. We all hurt – thank you REM for your wonderful song – Everybody Hurts – very true – listen to the song here
  5.  Discriminating against people who discriminate is discrimination too. Love Rules! Always! Ever! Cut the cr*p – we are all connected – and until you realise the truth in this – you will perpetuate hatred. Let it go – oh yes – thanks Frozen for this awesome song – listen to the song here