Chaos to Purpose

Sit Silently

Have you ever heard the expression – ‘drop into yourself’? I am not sure if this is a phrase I personally use or if I have heard others say this, but what it means to me is this:

  • sit silently with yourself
  • focus on your breathing
  • focus on the sounds around you growing dimmer and dimmer
  • focus on the center part of your chest – between your rib cage
  • and just sit silently
  • quieten the drowning noises – internally and externally
  • and just be

Last night I was listening to a keynote speaker, John Sanei, and in his presentation he said one sentence that stopped me in my tracks:

A burden of choice with zero certainty.

In today’s age we have a burden of choice with zero certainty. – John Sanei (from his latest book, Foresight)

To get the full impact of this quote of John’s, you really had to hear his whole keynote speech, but in essence – even in spirituality we have so many choices to choose from. Religion or spirituality? And then when you make this choice, you then have to dig deeper into what stream resonates with you.

I remember the stress a menu used to cause my daughter when she was young. There were just far too many things to choose from. But we like choice, don’t we? I do, but not when it gets me choosing this direction today and then uncertainty smacks me hard and I choose again, never truly committing to one path or another.

Sometimes you feel the guilt of ‘what ifs’. What if ‘they’ (you know the proverbial they, don’t you?) are right and I am wrong? What if …. the anxiety that this puts on one’s mind and physiology is palpable. So what do we do?

We simply sit still – in silence.

We go within and find the path (and person or persons) that resonate with us. Simply put – if the path or people/s do not bring you joy or peace, then that is NOT the path for you. Keep on experimenting with curiosity and anticipation. If you truly go within, you will find all the answers you are looking for.

Without guilt, shame, uncertainty, doubt or judgment of yourself and/or others, you can make the right choice for you.

Like Eckhart Tolle once said, A Course in Miracles is not for everybody. And I agree. Find that which resonates with you, and then commit yourself fully to whatever choices you make in this lifetime.

Simply sit silently and wait.

The answers will come.

Of this I am certain.