12 Steps to Loving You

Love Always

You will NOT be surprised when I tell you this.

So, last night whilst preparing my schedule for today – I wrote – SEND OUT LOVE EMAIL! But, when I got up this morning, I found that a lot of other people had the same idea. So I want this to be slightly different. Everyday should be happy love day.

Everyday you should be honoring yourself and others. You should be seeing the love within each and every person. Sometimes it is very difficult to see this, because they have clouded their identities with defense mechanisms, fear, anger, hurt, hatred, cynicism and so many other hurtful and harmful traits. But deep within them, and within me and you, lies a seed. A seed waiting to be watered. Waiting to be brought to life – and guess what – you and I have the power to water that seed wherever we go. The seed of LOVE.

And don’t forget:

Of course I had to say something about decluttering here:
Out with the Old
In with the New

Sometimes leaving the past behind can be both trying and very very difficult indeed. It hurts like crazy, but you got this. I am not going to say – to have loved and lost is better than to never have loved at all (oops! there I went and said it!), but I am going to say:

Give love a chance again – let it just hold you and gently wipe away your heartache. Let it caress your heart and soul and know that no matter what you, or others, think of you – you are truly beautiful. Just as you are. We all came into this world with nothing. We are all going to leave this world with nothing – so make your life count. It is what we do with the hours in-between that counts. Make them count. Love yourself. Love others. Love always.

Love in all its purity – accepting, trusting, caring, warm, tender – the beginning of it all.

When I think of the human condition, love and all that is – I am always reminded of a baby being born. A baby comes into this world with nothing. No pre-conceived ideas. No language skills. Not able to walk or talk yet – but a baby IS able to communicate.

If a baby is hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, in pain, feels alone – or any other uncomfortable feeling – it cries out! And you guessed it – JUST when you are nodding off to sleep. Sucks right? Wrong! It does NOT suck. This baby needs you. It needs your love and attention because it is too small to take care of itself.

Well, the same goes for people who are experiencing a lack of love – pain so acute, that far too many try and dull the pain by medically (or self-) medicating. The numbness helps for a time, but that is all. For a time. The truth is – way beneath all the crap that you have to wade through, lies the heart of someone who so desperately is crying out for help. Who wants to be held. Who wants to be loved.

And yes, you will find these people JUST as your favorite TV show is about to start, or JUST as you are about to fall asleep. But just for one second ask yourself – what if that was me? What if I was the one in need of help? What if I was the one who cannot feel any, or give any, love? What then?

Surely you would want someone to come and reach out a loving hand to you. Mother Teresa is a shining example of this. If you want to be inspired and feel uplifted, then read her book – No Greater Love. She said that her darkest hour was when she had momentarily lost all faith in God. Yet, she continued to love. She continued to show love to those dying in the streets of Calcutta. And so can you. No matter how destitute your life might be, or what you are going through, it is ALWAYS possible to extend the hand of love – and in doing so, you heal yourself too.

So, on this day of love – think of someone who might not be getting a box of chocolates or a bunch of roses, or going out for a nice romantic meal, and tell them that you love them. This is so much more powerful than saying – you are loved. Because, saying – I love you – is so much more personal. And if the person is someone who you find difficult to love – remember this – they too, just like you, were once a baby born without any preconceived ideas or judgments. They too have lost their way to love and just want to be held and cared for.

So go on – spread the love today – and always!