12 Steps to Loving You

Hello, this is God

There is no greater Truth than this – God meets you exactly where you are at. You do not need to change in any way whatsoever. You are truly perfect just as you are, just where you are – anytime and in any place.

To get a real understanding of this truth one first has to look at who is this ‘God’ so many people speak of. This ‘God’ so many people worship, adore, seek, cry for, yearn for, believe in, are fearful of, are longing for …. Religion has brought some semblance of misguided understanding of who God is. The only correct assumption I can glean from religion, is this – God is Love. But, then again, what is Love? What is this Love and Light that so many talk of? After all, we are trying to explain the greatest Source of Energy that exists, in our much limited mode of communication – language. Did you know that there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.

To truly know the Truth of this Source (God) – one has to understand that this communion can only be through our own personal experience. We can get guidance from others – through their teachings, tools, resources and the like – but true knowing comes from our own personal experience – what we believe to be true. There are some amazing teaches that we can learn from – I choose to learn from Jesus – the greatest Teacher (in my humble opinion) of all time. I am not isolated to one teacher however, and I learn from everyone I meet – because in truth – we all have the Source of All (God), within us. There are also other great leaders who you might resonate with you more powerfully and personally. The secret is – to pay attention to all you hear, and then to test this against your own resonance.

As humans, we are limited to the extent of our narrow-minded perceptual understanding, through the language, emotions and experiences we speak, feel and go through. We are sentient beings. We all have feelings, and if we cannot understand one another through our language barrier, then we can at least understand one another through the basic feelings of love, fear, hurt, shame, guilt, powerlessness, sadness, joy, humiliation, exhilaration etc.

So many souls have been, are and will be. Oh the folly of man-made time. We have forgotten about our eternal nature. Each soul has its own understanding of our divine heritage. From where do we come and whereto shall we go? What is it all about? Why are we here and why do we experience our specific experiences? So many questions, each with a multitude of possible answers. There is no right or wrong answer. There just is. Suspend your judgment for a second and ask yourself – what if ….? What if God wants to meet you exactly where you are at? Would you be open to letting go of all you have once been led to believe, and accept that there is another way. That we need to honor and respect the beliefs and experiences of others. If the end goal is love, honor and respect of all living things, where creation is ever-expanding, beauty is personified in us all and where we accept that we are all connected through the Oneness of all – then this is the Truth we need to keep in our hearts, minds and souls.

And here is the key – God meets you where you are at. You get the answers that you understand in your external and internal language. There is no one correct path to take. All paths lead us to the same destination – homeward bound. We are all homeward bound. We all travel through this time and space, learning as we go along, and for those of us who seek the truth, who seek to remember from whence we come, we are the ones who hear with clarity. We hear the still small voice within our souls, that sounds like resounding thunder. A certain clarity is given to us when we hear this voice. We internalise the message and our external representation of what we believe to be true, is painted with colours of who we are in this life. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

What I have categorically and consistently found to be true – God has always met me where I am at. Many years ago, I asked Neale Donald Walsch why do we call God ‘God’. I will never forget his reply. (Side note – I was part of a paid forum where you could ask Neale any question relating to his Conversation with God books, and he would reply to you.) His answer was clear in its simplicity – we all need a point of reference when communicating with another. We could have referred to God as a sound – like aatchoo (the sound we make when we sneeze), or as a symbol – throwing our hands up in the air. Either way, we need to be able to communicate to others what we are talking about. If I want to discuss meteorites with you, then I would need to communicate that I am talking about meteorites – and this without getting irritated with my choice of having to use the word meteorite. So why the irritation when calling God ‘God’? Because unfortunately mankind has placed so many different meanings to the word God – and some of them are counter to my belief and understanding of who God is. Does this make sense to you?

From my own personal experience, I am highly averse to any form of religious term of God – and so I tried Universe, Source, Creator of All, Source of All, my Higher Self and a few others. But none gave me the peace and serenity I was looking for. The Tao explains this so perfectly – The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things. (In Chinese philosophy, the Tao is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behaviour, that is in harmony with the natural order. The interpretation of Tao in the Tao-te-Ching developed into the philosophical religion of Taoism.) This basically means that you cannot name the infinite divine, and the moment you do, you limit the Tao by doing this.

I use the term God to explain what I am communicating about. God, for me, is eternal Love, the highest form of creative energy that exists. God is intelligence personified and having a human experience through each of us. God speaks to all of us, all the time. We have infinite wisdom within our very core, but we have piled learning upon learning on top of the truth of reality, and this has distorted the truth in our lives and muffled the sounds of the Voice of God. Yet we still try and claw our way out of the mound of falsehood we have placed upon our Self. The truth is – we are created by divine intelligence, and this intelligence is the highest form of energy, whose highest vibration is love – and we need to enter into this communion between our highest Self and the Creator of All (God).

When you let go of the fear of the falsehood you were once taught, when you let go of your own limiting beliefs, and when you allow yourself the freedom to choose what is right for you, then, and only then, will you start to walk the path of returning from whence you came, once again, communing with the highest form of energy that is, always has been and always will be.

So, whether you are religious, whether you are agnostic, an atheist, spiritual, enlightened, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu or any other form of religion or chosen divine path – wherever you are at – God will meet you there – speaking to you in the language which you understand. Because even if you do not believe in God (the eternal Creator of All) – this makes this highest form of energy no less real.

Let’s take A Course in Miracle, for example – here the text has been scribed by Helen Schucman and typed up by Bill Thetford – both Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. The teachings have been said to have been given to Helen by Jesus (the assumption is that it is the same Jesus as referred to in the Christian bible). I have read the Christian bible a few times and am busy working through A Course in Miracles. I love the teachings of Jesus. I was raised Catholic – gave that up when I was a teenager, then went charismatic – left that path in my early 20’s, went to a Chinese church, and looked at differences between Eastern and Western religions. All lead to the same truth – have love and reverence for one another. I have come to one realisation in my own life – I do not do rituals or structured religions. I find them to be stifling and limiting for me. However, this might be exactly the path you need to walk to find your own personal connection to the eternal Creator of All. And that is okay. After all, God does not speak English (or any other human language for that matter). God recognises our energetic vibrations, and our human way of communicating adds to the creations of these vibrations.

Recently I silently sat in the presence of the intelligence that created us all (God) – and dropped into our connected state of being. One with Oneness – with  no beginning and no end. Suddenly it made no difference what our background is, what our teachings and chosen walk of faith is – what is important is our own communion with the One. Just sit silently – in the presence of silence and a willingness to commune with the One who created everything. Let the peace envelop you. Let the Truth envelop you. Don’t stress to find a formula that works. Why?

Because God will meet you just where you are.

Think of all the other souls around you as being these sparks of light, all with their own way of interpreting the Truth. God knows profoundly better than you, I and anyone else what it takes to reach the heart of each person. We are all creations of the same Source. So let’s remember this. Next time we are all so fixated on what we are teaching saying it is the ONLY way to Source, please spare a thought to the limit use we all have in communication, and the infinite form of communication with Source.

Next time you think that yours is the only way forward, remember that this is the way forward for you, but another person might choose a different mode of transport and a different path to travel, yet we are all heading in the same direction – the way forward – homeward bound.

Again, God will meet you just where you are. As you are. Your choice of faith and belief is endless. Choose for yourself.