Chaos to Purpose

Everything is Energy

What if I told you that EVERYTHING – absolutely EVERYTHING – has brought you to a place where things can only get better from here? What if I told you that the heartache and pain that you are currently going through (and please, don’t stop – keep on going through it, because only then can you get to the other side), has all been a pathway of hell to lead you straight to the doors of heaven?

You know the adage – there is sunshine after rain, or, every cloud has a silver lining? Well, sometimes I want to scream when I hear this, because there simply seems like there is NO way out of the darkness that I find  myself in. However, what I have come to realise is that this is ‘darkness’ of my own making. It is darkness because I have forgotten, albeit for a short moment suspended in time, of the light that I am – the very essence of me. The incredible lightness of being, where we all can travel through this earthly journey with quiet serenity (or having rip-roaring fun at a rave party), love, joy, peace, happiness, abundance (meaning NO lack whatsoever) – are ours for the taking. They are within us already. We just need to clear away all the debris that stands between us and our desires.

Remember the light that you are. And not in some cosmically weird ‘spiritual’ way, but in a way of knowing that you are more than your physicality. There is a part of us that is eternal. Kind of like a light switch. When we exit this plane and it seems like we are no longer here, we are just not visible to the human eye, but our energy (some call it our spirit), is eternal. That means that we too had no beginning and no end, because we always were, are and shall be.

On a personal note, I have been through a LOT recently! And by a LOT – I mean – a helluva lot. My emotions have been through the ringer and I have found things really difficult to manage ‘on my own’. But then I realise that I am not on my own. There is a presence that pervades all things. Regardless of how you want to think of this, or how you want to feel this – we are all connected. Let me give you a practical example. Whenever I hit an all time low, somehow, a dear friend of mine living on another continent, without knowing it, senses this, and he NEVER fails to send me a message within a half hour of me hitting a low. Never. He is probably not even aware of the mess I have found myself in, or the pain I am experiencing, yet somehow he is the one person who has consistently shown up in my darkest moments. Which, by the way, are all part of the course to remind you of the incredible lightness of being that you are.

No-one said life would be easy, but you do have choices. There are unhealthy choices and healthy choices. Choices where you give your power away or choices where you own your own power. Choices where you continue to sit in the muck and mire or choices where you stand up, open your eyes, shake off the lethargy and once again start believing in yourself.

I know what I am talking about, because this has been my story for far too long. I have your back. You are not going through this alone.

Our emotional state is paramount to how we see the world, ourselves and others. It is time to take back control of yours. And I will help you do this. Please send this email to anyone who you feel needs to hear this. Life can be tough, and just knowing that we are not alone in our suffering is sometimes all we need to make a breakthrough, albeit a small one. A crack will eventually become a crevice, which will eventually cause the walls you have built around yourself to come tumbling down. And then you will no longer be sitting with pain in the darkness – what if? ….

I love you. I always have. I always will. Because – I am Love. You are Love. Personified. And it might help you to remember – what is love? The absence of fear.

What if? ….