12 Steps to Loving You

Embrace Life

Life is a balancing act. The illusions, chases, fantasies, hurt, disappointments, joys, laughter, tears, knowledge, memories, experiences – the ups and downs of it all. Life is a journey of extremes.

Who are we in all of this? The quest to find the Truth. Any truth that will make sense as to the reason for our existence. Are we but an illusion? Is this heaven and we have turned it into hell?

Along came Buddha, Krishna, the Gods of yesteryear, Jesus Christ, and so many other masterful and wonderful enlightened beings. We ascribe deities upon other homosapiens in the hope that we can glean some form of understanding of the mystical divine. But what is this life we are living and why are we living it?

So many questions, far too little earthly time to make sense of it all. Yet, a second can seem like a lifetime and a lifetime can seem like a second. The paradox prevails. In the words of Albert Einstein – When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.

Is life simply relative? But relative to what? And relative to whom?

So in our endless pursuit of unicorns, dragons, imaginary creatures and senseless understandings, we turn inwards, on a journey of self-obliteration. This is an undeniable truth. We build illusion upon illusion. False self-identities upon one another. We encapture ourselves in limited physical form, when in essence – we are anything but.

We turn to sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, anything that will dull our senses and give us some semblance of sanity. We chase the next orgasm, the next high, the next cheap (or expensive) thrill. We surround ourselves with platitudes and make them appear to be the answer to all our questions, such as – every cloud has a silver lining – what BS. I have yet to see a cloud with a silver-lining (but perhaps I am being too literal).

In our quest, we build layer upon layer of masterfully created illusive realities. We are born, we grow, we work, we accumulate, we die. And in between this all, we try have some moments of peace, joy, fun and adventure. At the moment of our death (and we all will experience this physical death – for now) – we will all have a moment of clarity. Meaningless. All of our pursuits – meaningless. All the ecstatic and blissful sexual encounters, the highs, the lows, the thrills, the boredom. Meaningless. All of it. Because – at the end of it all, no matter how plentiful your sexual appetite was fed, or how many times you tripped and flew around the cosmos on a giant unicorn with pink wings, or how many times you danced the night away – you still get to the same endpoint. Your last breath on planet earth.

And then you will see – at the end of it all you are as you always have been. Eternal. A sentient being having an experience encased in bodily form. You and I, my brother and sister, will return once more to the place from whence we came – homeward bound. We are the core essence of Creation in all its glory. We are one with all. No exceptions.

So why not stop the pursuit of meaningless trivialities and rather choose to experience who you are in the here and now and not wait until your death bed to come to this realisation. Why not take your mind off your next sexual pleasure, your next fix or your next adventure, and just sit silently and marvel at the wonder of you.

You don’t need to chase the unicorns anymore. You are all you need. You are all you ever have needed. And you and I – we are one. We are all in this together. Never forget that. You are not alone. Smile. Get up. Stretch those legs, outstretch your arms – and embrace the you that you truly are. Embrace all of life, in all its splendour and glory and let no-one ever tell you that you are less than. You are enough. Just as you are.FacebookTwitterEmailShare