Chaos to Purpose

Declutter Queen

A few years back, I used to live in a really big house (many bedrooms, bathrooms, swimming pool and so on and so on). Then one event led to another, and I progressively decided to downscale each step of the way. And it hurt! It was NOT easy, but it was a very conscious choice on my part. I decided to stand by the one tattoo (is that taboo?) – which is an armband of feathers on my upper left arm. I had this tattoo designed to remind me of the sacredness of life and to always travel lightly through this world. And hence my TRUE journey of decluttering began. And no, I was not embarking on some weird cosmic journey, I simply did not want clutter in ANY area of my life anymore, and I only want to surround myself with things that bring me true joy. Anything that creates sadness or unease in my gut – well – simply put – it goes.


Huh, so you thought decluttering was just working on your external environment, did you? Well have I got news for you – decluttering is NOT decluttering unless you are truly willing to declutter everything from every crevice in your life, any place where ‘junk’ is being stored.

So, let me share with you a vision I had a few years back. I remember going into my quiet space – a place where I go within and see where my life is at. And at this time, what I saw disturbed and upset me. I could not deny it. I knew it to be true, and this vision (picture of what I saw in my mind’s eye) was my own creation. I saw a huge abandoned warehouse in the middle somewhere out in nature. The warehouse was erected on concrete – and it was a huge space. The warehouse was surrounded by mountains on the west, north and east. There were trees and mountainous vegetation in the distant, but in the center of this all, stood my warehouse, which was derelict and weeds had grown where once cars were meant to park.

And this vision upset me because deep within me, I knew I had let things slip in my life. I had kept myself busy with the busyness of life, and paid no attention to what was before me. Chaos started to seep in wherever it found a gap. And if that was not enough – the warehouse was a representation of my dream creation. I was guttered. Heart-sore. And I felt, for the first time in a very long time, completely alone. I knew I could not fix this vision on my own. It was just too large a task, and I sat there wondering if I had not bit off more than I could chew.

Oh no! I had NOT bitten off more than I could chew. I had just grown lazy of doing the work myself. The work to guard my own thoughts; the work to clear my space of all junk and things which no longer served my higher good. You see, I was quite prepared to pay others to help me clear the external spaces in my life, but I was not prepared to do that internally. So, I let that part of me slide.

And then it dawned on me. Shit Jenny, you cannot do this alone. You need to get help. Like – serious help! And quickly! So I did. I got myself a life coach (Jenny Wensing) and an abundance coach (Kendal Taytasac), and I started working on the cobwebs that had gathered in my life. I picked up my new broom and started sweeping out the junk that I had accumulated internally. And changes began.

After all this, what I have come to learn to be true is the following:

  • clear your internal space
  • declutter your home
  • declutter your vehicle
  • declutter your workspace
  • declutter your garden (and the garden of your mind)
  • declutter your relationships that are toxic and that tear you down
  • declutter your electronic devices (for example – what apps do you no longer use and how do you file your documents):
    • laptop
    • desktop
    • mobile phone
    • iPad etc.
  • declutter the amount of subscriptions you have coming into your email box
    • keep only those that truly add value or you will burnout because of information overload
  • declutter your negative thoughts and thoughts of overwhelm
    • find yourself an emotional freedom coach, who can help you along on this journey
  • pull out all the weeds that are sabotaging your success
    • and by this I am referring to the way you think and negatively engage in self-sabotaging talk

You can do this! I know it is awful, tiring and yukky in the beginning, hellish messy in the middle and liberating when all done

Consistency is key – find a buddy who will do this with you. It is worth every bit of your attention. You’ve got this. I believe in you! Because, I am STILL doing this in my life – even though I have downscaled from a large home to a much smaller place. And, although (like Eckhart Tolle said) A Course in Miracles is not for everyone, I have found this to be a very challenging mindset training way of life, and I am currently doing the ACIM 365 day program – 1 lesson per day. It is challenging me and stretching me, because I am not religious in any way, shape or form. But I see beyond the veil of words, and have an innate ability to go straight to the principle.


If you want to move away from lack to abundance – you have to first clear out all the crap, so you can make space for the new! There is NO shortcut to this. Get rid of what no longer serves you. Give it away. Gratefully, gracefully and graciously. Or sell it. Do whatever makes you happy – but just please clear your space to allow for new beginnings to start manifesting in your life.