Truth Within

Simplistic Living

You simply cannot live the same life today as you did yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow. That is the simple truth. There is no other way.

We were made to be glorious, unlimited, eternal, divine sparks of being. Yet we have done almost anything to shy away from the truth of why we are here. We are here to love. Period. No exceptions. No excuses. No lies. No bullshit. No coveting another’s life. No coveting our neighbor’s possessions or treasures. No fear. No blame. No shame. No guilt. No cause for anxiety.

There is more than enough to go around, yet we stay the execution of another. Why the heck are we such a crazy species? We have it all. Literally. We have it all. But you do not claim the inner peace that is yours. That is already within you. You have covered it up with so much filth, emanating from deep within your mind. Heal your mind for goodness sake! Get out of your own way. Let the dead bury the dead. Leave the past behind. Rip the shackles from your feet.

Life on earth is but a short excursion of fun and awareness.

STOP following the masses. Blaze your own beautiful trail. You want to lose weight. Lose it. Fall in love with yourself. Fall in life with life. And by fall – I literally mean – lean into it and let go. Life and Love will catch you. You are destined for greatness, because you are created by the one and true only intelligence that exists for all eternity. Find yourself back in that space. Where you know your Oneness with it all. With each other.

We are but mirror reflections of each other.

Today I have chosen to find my tribe of Love. The people who resonate with hope, love, the glory and beauty and ever-expansion of the wondrous journey called life. I do not need to align myself with people who bring me down. Who pour water over my eternal flame. Which, in itself, is such folly, because you cannot put out the eternal flame. You only can try to dim it because it shines too brightly upon your own awkwardness in life.

Let truth reach into every crevice of your soul. Let truth embrace you. Let truth in. Let truth love you like no other. Leave the past behind. Embrace the now. Embrace all you have, and then – let it all go. Hold on to nothing, for you are an eternal being, and the truth resides within you.