One of the clearest and most perfect ways I can describe to you how I once felt, was that my life was in ruins.

My foundation was ‘broken’ and not rock solid. What I had built was falling apart – everything was crumbling around me and I had absolutely no energy to start rebuilding my life again. It is an awful place to be. I was there. I know.

My internal home was not a pleasant place to be. I was ashamed and suffering from depression, guilt, shame and all the things that go with failure and loss in your life. I let my thoughts take control of my life.

The truth is, I let my thoughts run rampant. They were in charge. The weeds took over. The bricks and mortar started to crumble to the ground. My foundation was challenged and I had no seeming way out of the chaos. And then I remembered the times when I felt the complete opposite.

I remembered when I felt alive, happy, joyful, in love, at peace, kind, compassionate, abundant and energetic. And I knew that I could experience that space again. I had to just take control of my thoughts, expose them, and let them dissolve in the truth of who I am.

You can too.

I needed to heal my mind.

I did not have someone who was there for me to shine the light on the path. Well, not initially. But I had the willingness and knowing that there is more to life than meets the physical eye.

And this is my gift to you.




Phase I is all about YOU. It takes you deep into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual make-up.You take an assessment of your values and beliefs and you learn to align them in every area of your life.

Phase II focuses on CHANGE. It guides you through the process of healing the hurt, forgiving others and yourself, releasing the past, working with grounding tools that help you finally find the peace and change you desire.

Phase III is all about CREATION. We are creators of our reality, co-creators of our lives. Here you will get a blueprint that you can use to bring your life into alignment with your highest good. You are able to create the life that you want.

STEPS 1 - 4​

STEPS 5 - 8​

STEPS 9 - 12​

  • energy – all that is
  • who are you
  • authenticity
  • change your thoughts
  • healing the hurt
  • grounding tools
  • soulful integrations
  • soulful creations
  • nature’s patterns
  • wonder-filled meanderings
  • conscious living
  • your life’s journey

Welcome to my signature program, and Part I of the Trilogy Awakening to the Truth Within – 12 Steps to Loving You.

If you would like to purchase a copy of my book, you can click on the image to the right. However, you do not need to purchase the book to get the benefits of this program.

Our world is in desperate need of people who are prepared to stand up and hold the light to shine into the darkness. Light dispels darkness, and darkness can be all-consuming.

The masks we wear are on autopilot and we do not even know we are doing this.

At work we present a ‘me’ that I am not. At home we present a ‘me’ that I am not. At play we present a ‘me’ that I am not. So who or what are we? 

This program is designed to take you step by step through a process that will help you move through the consciousness of time and space, from isolation and separation, and from overwhelming fear to never-ending Love.

This program is designed to take you to the very core of your being; to stripping away all the false beliefs that you have held for so long, and for releasing you from all the hurt and pain that has hold you back from living a life created by your design – for happiness, joy, love, peace, success, confidence and a knowing of the truth of what we you truly are.