building best businesses through the transformation of lives

There is an infinite world of possibilities that people are not aware of (sad, really). A unified quantum field (not to overuse an excessively used cliché) – but how else can one describe the unified quantum field? In this field, one with the infinite intelligence that created all, you can have your being. Instead of building castles in the sand, you could be creating solid foundations for a future that you have always desired. Selflessly. We are in this collectively.

Vision boards are created, businesses create vision and mission statements, core values, and all of this is done with good intentions, but they are soon forgotten in everyday living. How do you come up with what you want? Does it include not harming another? Does it include the betterment of all?

Here are my top 5 core values for both my personal and professional life:

  1. Truth – know and live from the core of my truth
  2. Honesty – be honest with myself, others and in business
  3. Equality – everyone’s equal and no one person is better than another
  4. Transparency – be transparent in all my dealings
  5. Compassion – let compassion be the fuel that lights the fire in my soul

We need to operate from a base of integrity, and behave with dignity and respect towards others. No exceptions. Each business should have a Truth and Transparency Commission, with a clearly defined manifesto. This should be read and signed by each employee at point of engagement with the organization. Read here to find our more: The Truth & Transparency Commission, Code of Conduct and Manifesto.




  • Module 1 – Individuals
  • Module 2 – Teams
  • Module 3 – Leadership
  • Module 1 – Identify
  • Module 2 – Analyse
  • Module 3 – Change
  • Phase 1 – You
  • Phase 2 – Change
  • Phase 3 – Creation

Building Best Businesses is only possible if ALL those in the organization understand that they play a vital role in the success of the business, regardless of their job function / position.

Every single employee is a cog in the greater wheel of things. No-one position can stand alone; each is dependent on the other, no matter how big or small their impact is on another position.

In Building Best Businesses, we look at the macro and micro impact that people have in an organization; whether you work primarily in isolation, as part of a team, or in a leadership role.

What I have come to see over the past few decades in business, is that oftentimes leaders are put into positions that they are ill-equipped to handle. Sometimes, with training, coaching and mentoring, this can be turned around, but oftentimes, no matter how hard you try, the person just does not have the skill set to be a leader. And this is okay. It is important that the best person is in each position, and that they are fully equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

Tough decisions need to be made from time to time, but all in the name of building the best business for all stakeholders.

So much to learn with seeming so little time. But is this true? I guess it would all depend on your beliefs, attitude, and past experiences, which all have created a perceived bias which might hold true for you.

After many years of being on a path of self- and professional development, I have come to find one thing to be true. Some things can change in an instant, whilst other times, some things take longer to shift and change. Why is that?

There could be a multiple of reasons as this, but what I have experienced, is that the more I slip out of my headspace, and enter into the realm of infinite possibilities, that I truly see magic happen in my life.

Of one thing I am certain, you can only change your life when you are prepared to loosen the grip on control, be open to other possibilities, and allow yourself the freedom of reinventing yourself, your way.

You are not bound to your history and neither to the status quo of your present. If you want a different future / outcome, then you need to be prepared to change the filters, give your mind a virus check and software upgrade, and be able to imagine a world where things are different for you. After all, ANYTHING is possible.

This program takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Have you ever suppressed your emotions so that you do not have to feel them? Do you back away from the uncomfortable feelings and embrace only the ones that make you feel good, when in truth, it is oftentimes the uncomfortable feelings that brings about insights into your thinking, feelings and actions, that you might ordinarily not have discovered?

  • Are you stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Do you battle to see a new and positive future for yourself?
  • Have you given your power away to others?
  • Corruption, greed, dishonesty, fraud, malpractice, mismanagement, disrespect, bullying, unethical behavior, inadequate leadership skills, egoism, fear and other covert activities happen more often than not in business. Are you aware of the ethical conduct of all your employees? 

We all have our part to play in the way we conduct ourselves. People appear to be blind-sighted to the fact that we have an energy field around us. Our thoughts, actions and words continuously emit signals out into this field. And what happens? This field responds to whatever it is we put there. Now I am not saying this to instil fear – quite the contrary. I am reminding you of this so that you can realize that if you can tap into this field and become conscious of what you are transmitting out into it, then you can take control of your life and future. Remember, whatever you send out into the field, comes back to you.

AGORA Academy™ is about helping you accelerate your growth. You get tools and resources to help you reprogram your mind, and to level up your emotional and business acumen.

AGORA focuses on:


Growth can be instantaneous, and at other times growth can take much longer. It largely depends on the time and energy you put into the change you wish to see in your life. Just keep going. You can choose what you want to experience, so choose wisely.