about dr. (h.c.) jennifer l. breakey

I love life! Regardless of life’s circumstances: the easy times, the challenging times; the lovely people, and the prickly personalities. There have been moments in my life when the darkness was all-consuming. It over-powered me in so many ways, and it felt like I would never be able to climb out of the abyss. But I did overcome. Through tried and tested practices I was able to get beyond myself and finally understand the meaning of endless possibilities.

Everyone has a life story to tell – and whilst there comes a point in your life when you need to stop telling your story on rinse and repeat, you also need to be aware of the lessons learnt (again, the easy and not so easy lessons) so that you can move past the old conditioning of your life. You need to see the endless possibilities for a future well worth living, if you would just step out of your own way.

So many people live either in the past or in their future, but very few people have mastered the art of living in the present moment. Many sleepwalk through life on subconscious autopilot. The past no longer exists and the future has not yet materialized. It takes time, practice, dedication, a commitment to love yourself no matter what, and a great sense of humor, to get over yourself and sit comfortably with the only constant there is – change.

There are 3 things that I absolutely love, and they are:

  1. cappuccino
  2. pesto pasta (or gnocchi) with seasoning and pine nuts
  3. sushi (oh yeah, sushi!)

There is something so soothing when I take that first sip of a fresh cup of cappuccino. It takes me to that quiet, tranquil, happy space within, and there is only one thing better than a cappuccino, and that is sharing that moment with others. Sometimes a cappuccino also needs to be relished in silence. It is from these experiences of total relaxation and immersion into the moment, that I came up with the idea of Coffee with Jenny B. – (sharing) a cup of kindness. I want moments where I can share time out with others, and share moments in thoughtful reflection, relaxation and calm. Refer to the resources section to see how you can have a coffee break with the community. Cheers! to our coffee moments together.

my core values

Values are internal standards that you live by and they help steer your choices and decisions you make every day. We do not all have the same core values, but whatever your values are, always stay true to them. I have my own personal values, which do change with time. Click on the button that says ‘my values’, and you will find the values I currently hold most dear.

acuity – sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing

synergy – the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects

wellbeing – the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy

coherence – the quality of being logical and consistent; the quality of forming a unified whole

the love foundation™

Have you ever heard of conditional vs unconditional love? Conditional love is – I will love you if you meet some or other criteria. I keep score of what I give you and what you give me back in return. Unconditional love is – I love you regardless of any condition I could lay down. No expectations. No strings.

The Love Foundation is about stripping away all that is not you, getting to the core of who you are, and then realizing that love is the cornerstone of everything you create in your life. This is not a wishy washy romantic kind of love, but rather, it is the verb ‘love’ – love in action. Love shows respect, treats others and ourselves with dignity, compassion and grace. Love does no harm. Love is kind, generous and helps others. Love is practical in application and powerful in action.

I love you regardless of your age, race, social standing, financial situation, your location, your educational level, how you treat me (that says more about you than me), and I love you regardless of any discrimination based on your religious, spiritual, sexual orientation or relationship status. In fact, I love you just as you are.

We can only love another when we truly learn to love ourselves. Again, no exceptions.

love yourself no matter what

Regardless of your current life’s circumstancelove yourself.

Regardless of your pastlove yourself.

Regardless of your anticipated futurelove yourself.

Regardless of your perceived failureslove yourself.

Regardless of your locationlove yourself.

Regardless of your bank balance love yourself.

Regardless of your emotional turmoillove yourself.

Always. No matter what.

the transparency commission™

The Transparency Commission™ is a declaration that brings transparency and trust into the workplace and into our personal lives. It must be signed by all employees. It is globally applicable and highlights the employee’s intent to act, conduct business, perform all duties, to not bring the company into disrepute, and to follow all company rules, policies, procedures and practices, without exception. It encourages whistleblowing and shows the company’s intent to have policies and procedures in place that allows for anonymity and the protection of whistleblowers against victimization. It aims at eliminating discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, inequality in any form, and to ensure a healthy workplace for all. This commission is about ensuring that transparency and trust is the cornerstone of all business relationships.
The Transparency Commission™ is a NO EXCEPTIONS declaration, meaning that no matter what circumstances dictate, it MUST be adhered to at all times. No exception. In business, there is normally a clause which covers this in the employment contract, but having this declaration to sign shows a declaration of intent between the employer and employee, and can be added as an addendum to the Contract of Employment.
The Transparency Commission™ goes hand in hand with the company’s code of conduct and disciplinary and grievance policies and procedures. (Click on the links to get your free copies.)

building best businesses

I believe in a world where employees are treated fairly, equally, without bias or discrimination of any kind, and where employees work in businesses that are genuinely invested and interested in their growth. What is it that the late Steve Jobs said? The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. I guess I am one of those crazy ones. I have compassion for humanity that runs deep through my  being. It has no beginning and no end. I have a curious mind around how best businesses operate, and I am driven to find out what it takes to help employees become fully engaged in their jobs, with them giving maximal output. It is physically impossible to give 100% all of the time, but the key here is that time is not wasted on frivolous activities. After over two decades of experience in Human Resources, and being a former HR Director and Executive, I have a clear understanding of what it takes to ensure the wellness of both the employee and the employer.

What is required is mental, emotional and business acuity, wellbeing, synergy and coherence. Where emotional intelligence hits the ground running; where neuroscience teaches the endless possibilities that can bring about change in the workplace, and where there is synergy between mental, emotional and business wellbeing


It is my aim and vision to give as many free resources as I possibly can to help anyone who is looking for mental, emotional and business acuity, wellbeing and freedom. There are various mediums you can follow to get these offers, and these are some ways you can access these resources:

  1. free documentation
  2. AGORA Academy™
  3. newsletters
  4. blog posts
  5. podcasts

becoming a great leader

You are all leaders in your own lives and jobs, regardless of what you do. A winning mindset is not for the elite few; it is for everyone. If your goal is to be a leader on the world platform, or the next CEO, or the next great inventor or entrepreneur, it does not matter. Whatever it is you would love to achieve, you need to do so with the right heartset, mindset and business acuity. You need a balance in all these areas. You cannot have one without the other. These three masterclasses have been created to help you achieve this balance. They are:

  1. Building Your Best Business – business acumen is the ability to make good judgments and take quick decisions – develop your business acumen to create a sustainable and successful business
  2. The Power of Your Emotions – emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically – develop your emotional intelligence to have the leading edge on all your relationships (both personal and professional)
  3. The Power of Your Mind – your mindset  is the established set of attitudes held by someone; your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits – learn to decode and reprogram the programs currently running your life

Some leaders behave inappropriately, and some businesses treat their employees unfairly. Just take a look at the inequalities, discrimination, abuses, harassment and ill-treatment of the workforce to know that there is a problem that needs to be addressed and dealt with. This cannot happen without emotionally intelligent leaders, with leaders who take accountability for their actions, who behave ethically and who are examples to us all.

Some world leaders act (have acted) like children, having temper tantrums when anyone dares to oppose them. Some condone all forms of violence with no regard for human life. They operate in ways so as to instill fear in their people, and some have committed atrocities that should not be happening (never have happened) at all. The biggest failure is to see these things happen and to do nothing about it. But how and what can one do? We start training our leaders of tomorrow, today.

This stretches far beyond the boardroom. It pervades corridors of government, schools, prisons, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and all places where there are inter-relations between people. How you treat others says more about you than it does about them. Building great leaders, people of promise, people of commitment and dedication, and people of service above all else, is our responsibility.

Our leaders of tomorrow need to be equipped to handle lightning speed changes that are constantly emerging. Artificial intelligence (AI) companies that do not respect new European Union (EU) rules may be fined up to 6 percent of their global annual turnover. Yes, AI is already having an impact on business and people are scratching their heads regarding the ethics behind some of the questionable things being done (e.g. data collection) using AI.

Leaders are required more now than ever before to be transparent, trustworthy, committed to service, and to ensure a fair and equitable workplace for all.

building your best business masterclass

module 1
module 2
module 3

Building your best business is far more than just getting an idea off the ground. It is far more than just thinking about getting rich, and it is far more than meets the eye. We all have our strengths and areas which do not lie in our zone of genius. Perhaps these areas fall within the borderlines of our zone of competence. What is needed is far more than just competence; what we need is the emotional intelligence to know what areas we excel in, and what areas others excel in, so that we can balance these areas out and thus have excellence in the workplace, through the culmination and collective experience of honing in on our own areas of excellence, and then operating as a collective whole. The mind is phenomenally powerful, and as a species, we are nowhere near using the full capacity of our brains. However, we are able to continue to learn how to maximize the use of what we do know about. This applies to our emotions too. It is so advantageous to understand the anatomy of our emotions, and how best to change our emotions for our wellbeing. It has been said that our emotions are the language of the universe, and I agree with this. Life responds to the emotions we feel, so why not learn how to turn those negative and destructive emotions into emotions that serve our highest good and the good of those around us? Our leaders of tomorrow will need far more skills than is customary today. Leaders will have to be masters of their minds, emotions and have business acuity and visionary focus, more than in the past. The great news is that these skills can be learnt. And this masterclass is geared for just that. The very foundation to help grow our leaders of tomorrow.

the power of your emotions masterclass

module 1
module 2
module 3

One of the most difficult things to do is to take the reigns of your emotions and to reel them in when they are on the verge of explosion. Emotions are like bubbling brooks just waiting for the temperature to be turned up before there is an eruption. We all have triggers that create varying emotional responses and it is our responsibility to manage and control our emotional responses, both internally and externally. There is zero value in keeping your emotions suppressed and bottled up so that you project a calm exterior to the outside world, when your internal world is absolute chaos. Stress effects everyone and negatively impacts your health and immune system. There are many different forms of tools and techniques that you can use to best manage your emotional wellbeing. Find the one that works for you, and then practice that daily. No-one expects to live in a bubble where things do not provoke us or raise our stress levels, but what you need to be able to do, is to anchor yourself and come back to your center faster than the day before. Once you have practiced this long enough, it will become an automatic response in times of fight or flight. Emotional intelligence is a key component for anyone wanting to be a future leader, or if you want to refine your current leadership skill set. Emotions are addictive, and it is important to be able to identify your emotional state at any point in time. Knowing the anatomy of your emotions will help you create the emotional responses that are in alignment with your level of emotional intelligence.

the power of your mind masterclass

module 1
module 2
module 3

Mind power (the power of your thoughts) is one of the strongest and most useful powers you possess. This power, together with your imagination, can create success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. This depends on your mindset. To understand the mind and how thoughts are processed, it is important to understand the anatomy of the brain. There are three brains, namely the mind, heart and gut, or as Dr. Joe Dispenza has theorized, the neocortex, limbic system and the cerebellum. We will look at both models when learning about the anatomy of the brain. Your thoughts are as important to your mind, as food is to your body. You have to be conscious of the nutrition of your food intake and your thoughts. Your thoughts can either pollute, or nourish, your brain. Not all is doom and gloom. You always have the opportunity to reprogram the software in your brain, i.e. your beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions, which in turn will alter your habits, actions, and ultimately your life. This masterclass is designed to help you tap into and unleash the power of your mind.

the power of loving you masterclass

phase 1
phase 2
phase 3

The foundation of life and mySelf is LOVE. I never thought for a second that I did not love myself. As far as I was concerned, my love for myself was unparalleled. That was, until I started seeing just how I self-sabotaged myself, judged myself, criticized myself …. and on and on the list went. I was stuck in my own story, in a loop that kept coming back to the way I once was. That is when I realized I was living to please others. While I believe in doing no harm to another, what about the harm I was doing to myself? The lack of self-respect, the judgments, the constant ‘trying’ on my part, and the procrastination and endless delays I tried, to justify to keep me from change. I gave into fear and time and time again. At some point something had to give, and I was tired of giving when my own cup was empty. Something needed to change, and that something was me. I needed to change. Deeply. I knew that my life would change, and I was okay with that. As hard as it was, I knew that true forgiveness (a form of love) had to be a part of the process. I could not have done this if I was not ready for change. I needed to find myself in a place where all that I could think of was – if I do not change now, then when? I hope this masterclass will help you find your way to loving yourself – no matter what. 

agora academy™

To have the furthest reach, to make your message accessible to as many people as possible, and to give to as many people as you can, you need an online presence. There is no way around this. AGORA Academy offers masterclasses and online courses, all tailored to meet specific individual needs. They focus on:

  1. building your best business
  2. the power of your emotions
  3. the power of your mind
  4. the power of loving you

Discern the information you accept as truth. I enjoy business, emotional and mental wellbeing, neuroscience, neuroplasticity and the quantum field of possibilities. Cautionary note: be aware of the spirit of seduction and remain level-headed and focused when it comes to trusting the information you read. Your mind is like a sponge longing to be saturated with information, but remember to select this information like your life depends on it, because it does.

Your most important teacher and credible witness is your own inner guide; your gut instinct. You are intuitive and wise, and you already have the answers you are looking for. Learn to tune into your own inner wisdom and follow the truth that resonates with you. If it brings you calm and peace, embrace it. If it fills you with fear or doubt, leave it be. Be silent long enough to hear.

unashamedly ethical

I am a member of the Unashamedly Ethical organization. Unashamedly Ethical is a global movement of individuals and organizations’ guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. 

The goal of this movement is to develop an unashamedly ethical culture among this generation of leaders and the next.

This is such a worthwhile organization to connect with. It will help us all go a long way in bringing about the change we want to see in our world.